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and liberal laws to voting rights. not to mention president obama already in a constitutional challenge to his choices to sit on the national labor relations board. they're taking its fight all the way to the supreme court after a d.c. appellate court invalidated the recess appointments made when the senate wasn't in recess. the senator has vowed to block the nomination. other stories we are bringing you tonight, wall street shrugging off a botched european union bailout of banks and an unprecedented tax on the deposits in cyprus, a tiny nation of 1.1 million people that will cost investors hundreds of billions of dollars in market capitalization. the dow jones industrial average down more than 100 points earlier but rebounded losing a modest 62 points. the s&p fell nine, the nasdaq down 11 and a half. the market off of the lows of the day. officials revising the imprudent and unreasonable plan to seize money from bank depositors to pay for the eu bailout. much damage has been done and some investors are so shaken, they will take their money out of the banks at their first opportunity, which i
want to add to this, i think in a sense obama was right. and i think boehner is right. i think a lot of republicans go too far in this whole point. the immediacy of this crisis -- look, even the cbo says you've got ten years or so before the deficit starts going back up and so forth and so on. but i do -- i do think -- i do think it's an interesting theme. that's all i'm saying. >> i agree. we have to remember, the budget deficit was 10% of gdp in 2009. now it's 5. and going down to 2 or 3 and then it's going to start going up again. >> $800 billion now. >> that's all. and those pressures, by the way, coming from health care costs, not from a lot of the stuff they're talking about cutting the discretionary part of the budget. but on the corporate tax thing, i hate to introduce root canal again be, but if you want to get down to 25%, the white house said 28% and it's a goal that probably all of us would embrace, you're going to have to close a bunch of loopholes. if you want it to be at least revenue-neutral -- >> which the president has said he would have -- not the corporate, the pe
. it was a purposefully done and horrible. >> greg: so you are saying that support from obama in the media went from 99% to 98%. >> bob: it's moving in the right direction isn't it? >> greg: you put them side-by-side it's obama now and obama in three years. that's the office does do. then's me. >> eric: so, can i name-drop? i know mark brunnett very well, one of the nicest people on the planet. no way he would have done something like that. let me prove the point. show a picture of this guy when he's not playing the rel of satan? there. that doesn't look anything like obama. >> greg: so he did make him look like obama? bob is right! >> bob: exactly right. >> dana: i don't think the picture helps the case. >> eric: that picture? >> bob: no. >> greg: you convinced me. >> andrea: that looks like juan valdez. i want to know mini series, i don't think it looks like president obama at all, at all. i want to know what mark brunett has against def leopard. that's from the "rock of ages" video. that looks like just like -- that is not the best clip. anyway. >> bob: i'm telling you, your point makes my point. th
silver be a one-term celebrity? >> we do have obama as a favorite right now with the chance he'll win by some margin rnch last year after he predicted president obama would win a second term, liberals started praying to nate silver when they went to bed at night but conservatives clinging to what turned out to be a false belief in their own polling made silver their personal whipping boy. >> this nate silver guy that the left is -- if it weren't for him they'd be suicidal. >> reporter: when silver tweeted out an offer to bet $1,000 on an obama win he further antagonized the right but -- then the results rolled in. >> cnn projects that barack obama will be re-elected president of the united states. >> reporter: anyone who doubted silver in his analytical model had to eat his words. he called the 2012 presidential results correctly in all 50 states. don't you want to stand up and go, i am nate silver! bow down to me! >> reporter: his reputation secure he put on his magnificent hat for other events from the hoss cars where he went 4 for 6 to the super bowl where he even found the limits
was settlements, right? >> yes, indeed. and i think that's where the obama administration, as aaron pointed out, made a mistake i think they hit netanyahu very hard on settlements while at the same time extending a hand to the iranians. that did not go over very well with a variety of israelis. here israel was a staunch ally of the united states. had come up 16 years in which presidents were in love with their israeli counterparts as aaron pointed out and here was the new president taking a very hard stance on settlements while at the same time telling the iranians he'll talk to them about anything anywhere at any time i think that could have been handled differently. i think obviously we've been dancing around the issue of settlements for a very long time. this is a central issue in the conflict. >> rose: aaron, are the israelis doing things that make a palestinian settlement increasingly difficult? >> sure. >> rose: are they doing it because they don't want to see a settlement? they don't want to see an agreement? >> politicians respond to immediate pressures. you've got a series of israeli p
from gillette. the best a man can get. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: tonight president obama begins a journey that will put to rest one of the right's biggest criticisms, that he never visited israel during his presidency. the trip kicks off tomorrow in jerusalem when president obama has separate meetings with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president shimon peres. it will be followed with a return to israel for a teach at the jerusalem international convention center. the back and forth continues on friday to a trip of bethlehem and the west bank for a visit to the church and the nativity. that's the oldest operating christian church in the world. then back to israel to visit the yah vashem holocaust memorial and israel's national cemetery. >> the bonds between the united states and israel are unbreakable, and the commitment of the united states to the security of israel is iron clad. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> michael: we're not sure to make that have video but hopefully our next guest does. with us to break down the ins and outs of the president's trip is janine zacharia.
and both got hammered. so i think you are right. just real quickly on the ted cruze barack obama front. isn't it interesting that both of their stories revolve around, you know, a rags to riches in america the greatest nation on earth but they both see this country so differently? think really do. don't they. look at the line of work that president obama went into. you know, it was a law professor and a community organizer. and i think he was probably a liberal from the jump. and ted cruise comes out of a different political atmosphere. texas is very different from chicago he has the experience and the background of a guy who made it from scratch in the state of texas, which is -- you know low tax opportunity state. and you see the effect it's had on these two men, not that they wouldn't have those convictions anyway you can see it. >> bill: the nation is going to have to decide i think in the next four years what kind of country they want. because this is not going to be able to compromised. it's too big. brit hume, everybody, living large down there in miami. if you need any help, brit, c
'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> right now president obama is preparing for his first trip to israel as president and the first trip since the arab spring. the first leg of this four-day trip begins in just hours. air force one will depart from joint base andrews, headed to tel aviv, israel. president obama will meet israeli president shimon peres and benjamin netanyahu. then in jerusalem, president obama will hold separate meetings with netanyahu and peres. the form he residence already hoisting a u.s. flag and even rolled out a red carpet for the president. while in jerusalem, mr. obama will also view the dead sea scrolls and visit an official holocaust memorial. the center piece of this trip will be a speech to israeli college and university students. the president will receive a medal of distinction. the trip also includes a trip to the west bank with a stop in ramallah. he will meet with mr. abbas. he will also visit the church of the nativity in bethlehem. then the president will travel to jordan and meet with king abdullah. joini
right, however you top file it there is a real c change. >> and barack obama were here to advance legislation on any of those, to me this sounds like a inhave atation to do that from reince priebus. you force the thousan house to t itself, you will only continue the war, that is why i think it was not a good idea to do it this way, as for 2014, i thi it depends on the circumstances in the economy. if there is more obama fatigue. lou: can i say, watching the republican party with all prevail -- tre veil, i think that everyone better give up on idea of doing anything with the democrats and letting the economy doing the intellectual heavy lifting for the republican party, they better get ready to go. because, this is not going to be a default election, just as 2012 was. i have to -- i hate to do it, but we have to right there. anyway, thank yo thank you very, that is it for us, we hope you will be us tomorrow, congressman frank wolf of join us. on what is going on in the obama justice department, from new york. york. >> you know every liberal's dream that government seizing your mon
't get caught hungry. ritz crackerfuls. >> president obama's new headache tonight. just hours ago. the president named the head of the justice department civil rights division thomas perez to be the president's next secretary of labor. moments later republican secretary david vitter said he would block that nomination. he joins us. >> good to be with you. >> greta: why do you want to block tom perez from being the secretary of labor. >> and civil rights, i think he's completely politicized that office and running it like an extension of the national democratic party or even an extension of obama's reelection campaign and i'm very concerned about that. >> greta: what makes you say that? >> because they've sued louisiana and it's off base. >> greta: they've won. >> no, they haven't. >> greta: i thought they won in-- >> it's an ongoing litigation. >> greta: in january, didn't the judge have the trial in october and rule in january? >> no. >> greta: that the state of louisiana violated the federal law failing to offer an opportunity to vote for all applicants, that's wrong. >> it's on
with the justice department on a voting rights case in louisiana. >>> new details on president obama's upcoming visit to the bay area next month. april 3rd arrival, reported for two events in san francisco the first, a $5,000 per person cocktail reception at the home of tom stier then the get at thes will host a $32,000 per person dinner on april 4th, they move to a $32,000 a plate brunch and then a luncheon at the home of john goldman and that event is a bargain compared to the others tickets there are just $1,000 per person. >>> in cypress residents, protested a plan this could drain their bank accounts under the plan the government could seize 10% of savings accounts banks have been closed but there has been a run on atm machines. >>> jerusalem, preparations under way for president obama's visit his first to israel he is scheduled to leave tomorrow. while the signs are out in israel that is not the case in palestinian territory. protestors tore down a billboard with the president's picture. he is expected to meet with israeli and palestinian leaders but not offer a grand peace plan. >>> in c
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, earthquake and the problems with aids. we're not afraid to fail or doing what we know is right. and most importantly we know that none of us succeed alone whether it's in reconcile or business or life. we know as michelle obama said so well, this past summer when you walk through that door of opportunity you don't slam it shut you help someone else walk through that door behind you. my fellow san franciscans i know there's no limit to the opportunities in this city in we keep the door open. if we commit ourselves and put politics behind us we can help future generations and thank you go >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the technology summit. we are looking forward to a fantastic day. we are going to start with a demonstration of the wii system. it is an interactive gaming system that allows people to play different activities and participate in different fitness activities together. a lot of wii systems, about 40, are being deployed around the city to different senior centers and residents facilities to encourage older adults to get more involved with physical activity using techno
where the u.s. has been largely silent on human rights issues. what should obama say while in jordan that the u.s. is committed to the value of human right and democracy? .. privately i think that very much of the focus should be on how can we work with jordan to improve their governance. there are few things that will have a more positive effect than enhancing this. the mix of public and private messages is something that should be part of this. >> let me say that i do not think that the premise of the question is fair. i do not think it is right to say that they have human rights abuses anywhere. in fact, i believe that the policy today should be the policy that we had in 2008. that we should be helping each one of these countries to find the right path for its political and economic reform. that is a very difficult path. one thing it demonstrates is that this is a difficult path. to find a political evolution leaves everybody in the country better off. one that might be superior to revolution. i think that when he goes to jordan -- for example, the jordanians have been a good ally
problem? >> right, it was unpatriotic four years ago when obama was running for president dirt was unconscionable what bush had done but enough it's fine and we don't have a problem. this democratic budget presented by the house is a joke. the thought of increasing stimulus spending 2.200 billion. solyndra wasn't have no. the -- it is this government's notion that we want to constrain economic growth by continuing to grow the size and scope of the federal government. this would not even balance the budget until something like 2045, and even then wouldn't do it in ten years we would be spending 70% of gdp on public debt. >> neil: i'm going to give the benefit of the doubt to people who can't understand money. money in and my out. that's fine. and we don't have a great spending problem. so, status quo. but we're adding more spending. we're looking at $200 million more among house democrats, $100 million among senate democrats, as if this problem doesn't exist. then we're saying, clearly emboldened by leadership to say, balancing the budget in ten years, it's not the end all be al
drawn between senator cruise who believes in the free market and small government and president obama who wants the government partially regulate the economy and is trying to impose a giant co-loss us is in washington. that's the struggle that we the american people are enduring right now. in the end there will be no compromise. one side or the other is going to have to prevail and that's the memo. top story tonight reaction joining us from washington is mary katharineham and juan williams both a fox news analyst. juan, i assume you are on the big government side. >> you are right mr. o'reilly. >> well, you just want to is sit there and look dopey or tell me why. >> typically you say to me give me a one word answer please you. yes, i'm on the side of big government in this instance activist government just recently got this country out of recession. i think they bailed out wall street and wall street right now is doing very well for a lot of people who have investments, pensions, so that's good news. i think an activist government is responsible for helping out america's seniors. when
and wait for the microphone and identify yourself. we will start right in front here. >> the last few months, speculation that since the united states, president obama would be less active in israeli issues, that he may leave that to others, especially the europeans. which could mean not objecting to what the europeans are doing. measures have lately been taken that european countries -- an [indiscernible] any thoughts on that? >> i doubt that. first, and i have said before, he chose to take this trip. the trip itself sends a signal that he retains an interest in this. number two, i will never be in the u.s. interest to see bad ideas adopted. we will have to pick up the pieces anyway. those that think he is washing his hands of it -- if he was, he would not be taking a trip there. number two, the secretary of state made it clear that this is an issue of great interest to him. part of this trip is designed to not only send the president interest in it, but to create wind he hanged the that -- wind behind the bat. if you adopt ideas that, in the end will be distraught and, to try get s
some people's thinking right? this leads this avalanche of barack obama, the republicans coming out with this amicus brief, that kind of thing, leads to this highest public opinion poll we have seen so far. the constitutional law scholars say by far the most important of all of these factors at this point is public opinion. and that the court must weigh the institutional role right? of getting the constitution right, against having a reputation where the people, you know, see it as a place where justice will be done and not delivering decisions that are so far out of the main stream that then you have to, you know, send u.s. marshals out or whatever. you don't want to be in a situation like that. i'm not saying that -- of course constitutionally we want what is right to be done but the court weighs those things so public opinion does matter. by the way -- >> bill: for them to rule any other way right now -- for them to rule that -- that marriage equality is -- or the ban on marriage -- on same-sex marriage is constitution am would be just flying in the face of --
. all right we're just getting started, we have more to come, homeowners could say good-bye to nortage interest deduction if the obama administration gets its way, u.s. tax pair, planning to raise awareness for food stamps in another country. we get to the bottom of the outrage, coming up next. stay with us. gotcha ! got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got ya. that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things tt matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. gerri: fannie and freddie may be getting a new boss, democratic congressman from north carolina is reportedly under considering to lead housing finance agency, congressman, advocate for more access to mortgage and loans for low income consumers and black consumers is raising eyebrows, it as his colleagues in washington put popular mortgage interest deduct, here if weigh in dan hedinger from w "wall street journal." i am blown away by the mel watts story. this time, is that what drove us into the financial crisis in first place? >> it is. not to put too 5 find a poi
similar laws on the books and a number of other states are also considering comparable measures. the obama administration supports the challenge to the arizona law. and today's arguments on the heels of another case that could roll back a key portion of the voting rights act of 1965. for more on today's arguments, we turn as always to marcia coyle of the "national law journal." she was in the courtroom this morning, and is back with us tonight. so the outcome, marcia, of this could actually tip the federal-state balance on who gets to govern how we vote. >> that's true, gwen. the question before the justices is where do you draw the line between who has the authority to regulate elections. the election clause of the constitution actually gives authority to both. but where is the line when one crosses or goes too far than the other does? so that's the issue before the court. it wasn't clear today that it's going to be an easy line to find. >> ifill: the reason why this arizona law exists is because arizona officials say there's a problem involving illegal or undocumented immigrants register
right now and heads up the civil rights division and president obama apparently pleased with him and wanting him to head over to head up the labor department and the wall street journal had a piece today that talked about how, quote, political muscle undermind the rule of law under mr. perez's civil rieghts division. in simple terms, what is the allegation that mr. perez did? >> one of the allegations is that he interfered and cost the american taxpayers 180 million dollars by getting a case dismissed where he didn't want to face the supreme court decision and gave up two very valid cases again, 180 million dollars of taxpayer money in st. paul. this was unprecedented. it had been set for additional this nominee has been expressed as not having been candid in his testimony. candid is it kind of one of the funny words in politics that means he didn't tell the whole truth. this is also somebody who refused to do his fundamental job which is to fully prosecute voter intimidation that fell under his watch. these are just some of the areas of concern that i think that senators have an
to turn a waldorf salad into a waiter losing his job. i said no green apples! [laughter] we'll be right back. >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. thank you so much. thanks so much. [cheers and applause] folks, we all know that the obama presidency is one of the most secretive in history. there hasn't been an administration this private since the secret presidency of rocky t. pendergrass, who made his name by invading terabithia. [laughter] don't believe me? look it up in the history books. you won't find it. [laughter] well the obama administration is doing it again. >> did you see the pictures of president obama playing golf with tiger woods this weekend? neither did we. >> the media covering the president was shutout. the press corps complained. >> fox news' ed henry speaking in his role as white house correspondents' association president said, "it is not about golf. it's about transparency and access in a broader sense." >> the president should have in all fairness due to transparency released some photographs of him either teeing off with tiger or perhaps when they finished. t
or whether they want to go in the three other directions they're going. >> right. thank you all very much. this man is comparing president obama to the devil again? that's next. about who to hire without going to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪ keep on going in this direction. take this bridge over here. there it is! [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] earn points with the citi thankyou card and redeem them for just about anything. visit to apply. in a hand to hand challenge; orange vs orange... covergirl stay brilliant nail gloss... ...outshined the competition. check out ours versus theirs. what's glossier? outlast, hands down. take the challenge yourself. easy breezy be
herzl, but this is what obama's going to do and it's part of that effort which you'll hear in the speech, i think to connect his understanding of israel's right to exist as a jewish homeland to its ancient roots in biblical israel. secondly i would expect that he will identify with israel's struggle for survival and its sense of insecurity in a region of turmoil around it and make it clear that he has their back, that he will be in the trenches with them and that he will prevent iran from acquiring nuclear weapons but beyond that i think that he needs to -- i don't know whether he will do this -- but i think he needs -- particularly because he's speaking to a young audience -- to talk about their aspirations for the future and identify with those and talk about how that future needs to be a future of peace with israel's palestinian neighbors and paint a picture for them of a peaceful future that he wants to achieve by working with them, not working against them so that's the basic spark of the speech that i imagine
directions they're going. >> right. thank you all very much. this man is comparing president obama to the devil again? that's next.. >>> we love hearing from our fans on facebook and twitter. many of you are responding to frustration over new york's stop and frisk policies and the recent death of 16-year-old kalima kiki gray, which has boiled over into confrontation on the street and court. on facebook, mike davis says next it'll be shoot them and then frisk them. mary writes, it looks to me to be a police state. hire and train more officers instead of violating people's civil rights, and then get sued. and robert says it's definitely an overreach of the police and needs to be addressed in the courts. go to our facebook page right now and join the conversation and don't forget to like "the ed show" when you're there.. >>> sometimes i reflect, is there something else i could do to make these guys -- i'm not talking about the leaders now, but maybe some of the house republican caucus members, not paint horns on my head. >> welcome back. at this point it's a joke. republicans have bee
is still very strong even if the personal chemistry between netanyahu and president obama is not strong and it has been widely reported they don't have a very good working relationship. one of the main reasons for coming not just to israel, but jordan and the west bank right now. that was for the united states to shore up friends. the united states still as a friend of israel. if you look back at the larger regional issues, the chaos around us. the united states is worried about its friends and that israel is surrounded by an increasingly hostile region and egypt is no longer a reliable ally and jordan could face their own internal threats and syria on the border is in a state of chaos and mayhem and iran is also working on its nuclear program and the united states wants to come give a hug to israel. wants to make sure that the palestinian authority with abbas is being strengthened because it's overshadowed by hamas. he wants to make sure the kingdom doesn't fall. it's really about settling and shoring up your friends in these uncertain times. >> the issue of iran, we are at war here in
, and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. >>> president obama leaves tonight for israel with visits to the west bank and jordan. he has had a relatively poor relationship with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. his stock may be rising in israel right now even as it falls with some of the palestinians. cnn's john king is in jerusalem. >> reporter: call to prayer in the palestinian village of masra. muslim worshipers under the watchful gaze of israeli forces because masra is side by side with a jewish settlement in the west bank. skirmishes like this are routine but on this day a new twist. anti-obama chants in both arabic and english prove the thrill is gone in arab communities that four years ago saw hope in the new american president. >> obama not welcome in palestinians. >> this coffee shop is full of young palestinian professionals. >> there are settlements, poor people, there is nothing. and all of us are sure that obama disappointed us. >> reporter: do you hear the united states as an honest broker? >> definitely not. i think they want to
marriage rights, some of us came to it a little bit later than maybe we should have. but we're coming to it firmly. i think her position sounds like she may even be beyond president obama's position, and this is -- >> how so? how so, joan? >> you know, i think he's left it that he's comfortable leaving it at the state level. she seems to come out and go beyond it that it's just a basic right. you know, i would want to follow up on that, but it's a very, very strong statement with no caveats or quibbles. and, you know, god bless rob portman. he's come out for it on behalf of his son and other gay people. but this is an issue where the republican party is going to drag its heels. john boehner feels like it's a good idea to come out and say, i wouldn't support gay marriage even if i had a gay son which is so unbelievable. >> let's get a response to that. i think that's interesting. is it becoming partisan? meaning that you expect the republicans will not change their platform between now and then, next time, for president? >> no. i actually am optimistic they will, chris. in fact, the po
that takes the obama care the affordable budget act and destroy it is. to not even call it a starting position, is a wrong thing to do senator murray, they're not going to raise new revenue right awach. republicans have a point, democrats have a point. there are three things they can do that doesn't cost any money there may be disagreement here. but it's producing jobs. approve the keystone pipeline, your own state department said it's okay. that wril be a subject for great discussion and debate in a few minutes. >> i think the notion of some tax reform, democrats have agreed to capping some deductions, the republicans like to see some changes in corporate tax rates, we can probably find a deal on that sooner than some of the other things, which might help prolong both howard and james, i think accurately spoke to it. this economy is moving in the right direction. >> james, let me ask you a question. i think to a certain degree -- look, blame can go around on both sides of the aisle. but two some degree there's a false equivalency that house democrats and house republicans are equal i
? >> you know, obama tries to make connection with young people. >> succeeds? >> maybe. we can be hopeful. right? >> yeah. of course. we'll be watching closely along with matt welch. thanks, guys. good to see you here in our fancy new set with the map and everything. we also want to tell you about some developing news out of nevada. just happened this morning. seven marines killed. at least seven wounded during a live fire exercise at the army's hawthorne depot in nevada. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon for us. mick, what can you tell us? >> reporter: chris, u.s. military officials tell nbc news that seven marines were killed and at least seven others wounded in an explosion during a live fire exercise at the hawthorne army depot in far western nevada. now, according to military sources, apparently a 6 o millimeter mortar round exploded as it was loaded into the firing tube. other reports indicate that the round may have exploded when the marines picked it up to load it into that tube. according to military officials four of the marines were killed almost instantly. three others
they couldn't cover the cost. we've got two major pieces of legislation that are taking place right now in the dodd/frank bill, in the financial sector, and in obama care, and in the health care sector. i think you're going to see some of the same things happening. you're going to see a lot of merger and acquisition activity. i like manhattan partners here. >> who gets hardest hit, as a result of obama care and dodd/frank? where are the areas of this market that you want to avoid, given this higher regulatory environment? >> when you see the passage of the sarbanes, you saw a lot of the smaller companies. they merged the together because they needed to get the economies of scale to cover the cost of all that regulation. i think you're going to see some of the same things happening -- >> smaller and mid-cap -- >> exactly. >> rick santelli, we did not forget about you, i assure you. while the stock market hasn't suffered too much over this, the safe havens have certainly benefited. >> they absolutely have. and the vote where they didn't pass it had virtually no effect on those markets, wh
and president obama much closer than they have ever been. >> we don't have a crisis in terms of debt. for the next ten years, it is going to be in a sustainable place. >> is he right that we don't have an immediate crisis? >> we do not have an immediate debt crisis. but we all know we have one looming. and we have one looming because we have entitlement programs that are not sustainable in their current form. they're going to go bankrupt. >> how long do we have to solve our problems? >> nobody knows where this is. it could be a year, two years, three years, four years. it's not an immediate problem but we can -- >> you agree with the president on that? >> the american -- yes. >> joining me, crystal ball and chris kornacki. krystal, i don't get it. i don't know why republicans are abandoning the debt crisis talk. >> i think maybe they found their messaging wasn't sustainable. they have been harping on the debt crisis so long, yet we have low interest rates, we haven't seen inflation spike the way they also warned us about. deficits are actually declining since their peak in 2009 at qu
for next year. meanwhile the sequester cuts start to kick in and president obama is getting flack for canceling white house tours. now there is word -- no it's not. all right. so thanks so much. we'll check in with our kelly o'donnell on mark sanford. we just showed you the video. kelly, you're there for me, right? >> reporter: i can hear you, thomas. i'm not sure you can see me. >> yes, i can see and hear you and it looks like you have beautiful trees in south carolina behind you. let's talk about south carolina. it is primary day down there. mark sanford been getting a lot of press and a lot of the coverage i've been reading about is this is going to be a street fight for how this will advance. >> well, this is one of those occasions, thomas, where the sheer number of candidates makes this so unpredictable. it's rare to have an opening like this in south carolina politics where people in office tend to stay a long time. so 16 republicans jumped in, including the former governor, and his case is particularly noteworthy because he had the very public personal affair and that was s
racists. >> you have to criticize the person right after they said it. you want to distance yourself the way mccain did in 2008 election when someone accused obama of being a muslim. he shot back. >> john: admirablebly. >> the hope is you knock them down immediately or question and be critical. that's not what happened here. immediately apologized on his behalf. >> republicans really start to reach across the aisle as reince priebus stated today trying to get latino-americans coming over to the g.o.p. where do the racist whack jobs go. >> thisthe cpac would have killed for this panel. you're looking at minorities, women. this is what they're killing for right now they can't get it because it's not just a label. it's kind of to the core. it's not a label problem. it's their thing. that's what they do. which i think means they should maybe embrace another party. if the g.o.p. is trying to be mainstream. if the g.o.p. is really trying to have a presidential nominee that actually americans can elect, maybe can i just be the guy who says we should have a multi party system that can have a
if not a nazi salute. is history channel satan looks like president obama. moynahan, you asked why it was on the history channel at all? i guess it is because the bible is part of history. >> i guess. ii am not saying anything right now because of twitter. you know what i am talking about, levey. >> you don't need to believe in the bible. the bible itself is a historical work. so even if you don't believe it, you can't say it is not a historical >> i just said the dude looked like obama. >> i watched a little of it and it is not bad. >> really? >> yes. >> i have heard micked reviews. mixed reviews. >> that would be a great name for a show, mixed reviews. >> and it has nothing to do with reviews at all. it is interracial couples. >> it is revue. it is mixed re view -- revues. and i would think it is important to point out that satan was kenyan. >> wasn't he moroccan? >> he looks kenyan. >> they all look the same to you, don't they? >> satans? devils? >> he was more rack can, but -- moroccan, but the president is kenyan, is that what you are saying? >> and a lady hater. >> by the way
. yes, it is. go national. go like a pro. ♪ lou: president obama's controversial nominee to be a labor secretary under fire after an inspector general's report it is just more revealed deep in ideological polarization within the doj civil-rights unit. my next guest works at the doj before he resigned in 2010 over the department's dismissal of a new black panther party boater intimidation case. joining us now, former u.s. to pardon of justice attorney, author of the book in justice exposing the racial agenda of the obama justice department. good to have you with us. >> good to be here. lou: you have to feel vindicated by the doj inspector general's report. let's just share the findings. let me be clear, you have said that peres had provided false testimony. the ig report concludes and are we found the testimony did not reflect the entire story regarding the involvement of political appointees. we did not find press intentionally misled the commission. nevertheless, given he was testifying as an apartment witness before the commission we believe he should have some more details. your rea
. what is going on? we have an overturn at karlson, it is. squad up with the right two lanes and our abc7 news ways yap you can see the backup to mcbride at 30-minute drive from highway four to the macarthur maze area. >> president obama leaves washington for the middle east with stops in israel, the palestinian territories and jordan. he will try and help restart the long stalled israel palestinian peace initiative. he told israel television he wants to hear ideas from both israeli and palestinian leaders before he leaves the president will welcome irish prime minister to the white house today for belated st. patrick's day festivity. >> new york mayor will force stores to put cigarettes out of sight, the first city in the nation to keep the products off the shelfs and says getting cigarettes out of sight reduces temptation to smoke. a spokesman calls this "absurd." >> wanting of diet bars that could be contaminated with salmonella with a recall of protein diet high protein chock hat dream bar which is sold in packages of seven bars with the recall product a "sell by" of august 2015. no i
at the end of the day i think you're going to see, your segment with boone pickens was so right on the money, we have to find alternative. if there is any message not only to get involved, i pray that the obama administration realizes we need a no-fly zone. we need to arm the rebels about. this is not exact science what to do there. we need to take sides. the darwin one evolution what is happening in syria, hundreds of thousands of dead. a central country with a diversity of population could have been one of the shining lights now because of the evil nature of the assad regime being destroyed before our eyes. melissa: doctor, thank you for coming on, thank you. >> anytime, melissa. melissa: coming up on "money", soaring health care costs slamming businesses and workers across the country but a radical new approach could put workers in control of what is spent. we'll explain that. because at the end of the day you know it, it is all about money. ♪ . ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,00
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